My Yoga Journey

I discovered Yoga at a time in my life when I was seeking to create more space and balance in my everyday routine.  At that time, I had no idea the impact that Yoga would impress upon me and how it would affect my life.

The longer I practiced Yoga, the more I grasped and felt the changes.  What I learnt on the Yoga mat began to increasingly influence my everyday life.  This became reflected in both my thoughts and my actions.  I learnt to have, not only more inner peace with myself, but to become more mindful of who I am, more mindful of my environment and more mindful of my fellow human beings.  With these Yoga skills, I have discovered that I am better equipped to cope with life’s challenges.  On days when I stumble or divert off my chosen path, it is Yoga that is my compass and guides me gently back on track.

After 15 years of intensive Yoga training, I completed my comprehensive education as a Yoga teacher.  Today I teach Yoga, in the hope that my passion for Yoga and experience of Yoga inspires all that join my classes.

From March 2017, I began my studies as a Yoga therapist.  This will now enable me to have a more focused approach with the sole aim of assisting and supporting people with specific problems and conditions in tailor made, individual lessons.

Gabriella Stergiou

My Yoga classes are shaped by different Yoga styles which then flow through all my lessons.  The main theme through all my classes is learning the art of mindfulness and then practicing this technique in the flow of everyday life.

If you feel that what I have shared has piqued your interest, I invite you warmly to come and share a trial Yoga experience with me.