Therapy Yoga


Yoga therapy is accredited by the OdA KT organizational body in Switzerland.  It is a complementary therapeutic treatment method which targets people who suffer from physical or psychological ailments and who want to actively participate in supporting their own healing process.

People choose Yoga therapy as it plays a positive role as a complementary therapy in the treatment of a variety of different symptoms.  For example, in stress management, psychosomatic conditions, chronic illnesses, pain assistance and sleep disorders.  Yoga therapy can also be used as an adjunct post an accident and as continued rehabilitative support.  People choose Yoga therapy because they want to be actively involved in the improvement of their own life situation.

The aim of Yoga therapy is to alleviate physical and mental health conditions and to support the natural healing process.

Years of experience and scientific studies show that the practice of yoga has a positive impact both on health and the quality of life.

Depending on each clients’ unique resources and goals, the following methods are used in process orientated sessions.

  • Dynamic or static Asanas (Physical/body exercises)
  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
  • Mantras (Exercises with sounds, syllables and words)
  • Meditation exercises

Together we will create your own personal yoga routine.  This will be tailored to your specific physical and psychological capabilities.  Instructions are written down to be practiced at home, preferably 4-5 times a week, for approximately 10-20 minutes.

Yoga therapy consists of approx. 5-8 sessions.

Time commitment

First appointment

60 – 90 minutes

Following appointments

30 – 60 minutes


CHF 135.00

for 60 minutes

I look forward to being able to accompany you on your journey.

I do not make any medical diagnoses nor prognose potential healing outcomes.